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Who Makes a Good LASIK Candidate? What are CustomVue LASIK & Wavefront Technology?” What is IntraLASIK? How does IntraLase laser technology work & how does it benefit me? What is iLASIK? How is IntraLASIK different from iLASIK? How is conventional LASIK different from CustomVue Wavefront-guided LASIK? Why is iLASIK to best choice for me? Who … Read More

About Eye Consultants

PRK is an acronym which stands for PhotoRefractive Keratectomy (PRK). PRK was the first approved procedure for laser vision correction, before the development of LASIK. During PRK surgery the laser is applied to the surface of the cornea after gentle removal of the protective outer cells (epithelium). A corneal flap is not created as in … Read More

About Eye Consultants

Does it hurt? Does it require stitches or shots? How do I keep my eye open during surgery? Can I wear contacts again? How well will I see after the surgery? What are the risks? Can I do both eyes at once? Do I have to do anything special before or after the procedure? How … Read More

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