Contacts & Glasses


Eye Consultants also specializes in fitting contact lenses. There have been many advances in contact lens technology in the past few years. Now, almost any prescription can be put into a contact lens. We have daily disposable contacts, 2 week to monthly replacement, continuous wear, and rigid gas permeable lenses. If you have stopped wearing contacts due to discomfort or dryness, new materials are making it possible to achieve comfortable, all-day wear. Many patients have been told that they cannot wear contacts due to astigmatism.

With newer lenses, we are able to correct high amounts of astigmatism with both soft and gas permeable lenses. As we age, we start to lose our ability to focus on a close object due to presbyopia. Patients that currently wear contacts will start to need reading glasses over their contacts. To some patients, this need for reading glasses with their contacts defeats the purpose of wearing contacts. However, there are options to help their near vision. Some may adapt well to monovision, where one eye is corrected with a distance contact lens and the other eye with a near lens. Another option is a multifocal contact lens, which has both distance and near prescriptions within the same lens. We also have multifocal contacts lenses that can correct astigmatism as well. Ask our doctors which lens is best for you. We also specialize in medically necessary contacts to fit irregular shaped corneas, such as Keratoconus or post-corneal transplant with custom rigid gas permeable lenses. If you have previously had LASIK, PRK, or RK, and now are needing glasses again, it is possible to wear contact lenses with custom soft or gas permeable lenses.

We offer the latest brands and types of contact lenses, specifically fitted for your needs. We are competitively priced, will bill insurance if applicable, and can fill hard-to-fill prescriptions. To reorder contact lenses please contact us in Spokane at (509) 484-5710 or toll-free at 1-800-522-5710.