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Cataracts Pricing / Financing

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We believe our prices Cataract Surgery are the lowest in this part of the country. Don´t be fooled by lowball pricing or bait-and-switch sales techniques! We give you fair, low and straight-forward prices with the highest quality and service available. At Eye Consultants and EyeTech Laser Center “Your Best Vision Is Our Only Focus!” Call us and compare our prices and our quality of care to our competitors.

Our costs are comprehensive; covering everything from your pre-op exam, recheck appointments, surgery, post-op visits for one year, as well as all of your medicated eye drops necessary for post-op care. All of our services are available right here in Spokane, in one office, with the same doctor performing your pre-operative exam and following you post-operatively. Keeping everything “in-house” allows a higher level of cohesive care and leaves less room for error.

Go to our competitors and you might get:

  • A company that is not local
  • A telephone answered by someone in Arizona
  • Advice on laser surgery from someone in an optical shop
  • An out-of-town outfit that might close its doors in Spokane
  • Misleading prices
  • A fee that isn’t nearly “as low as” the advertised price
  • A company that engages in fee-splitting, making you pay much more
  • Prices that don´t cover all of your exams, surgery and follow-up care
  • Inferior equipment
  • A cheap laser machine lacking important features of the VISX Star S4-IR
  • An anonymous surgeon
  • A doctor you don’t know
  • A surgeon who isn’t involved in your follow-up care
  • A doctor who might not be there next week
  • A surgeon who only comes to town a couple of days a month


Gary Fillmore, O.D.

Why do prices vary between providers?

There are many different companies that provide laser vision correction in the United States and Canada. Some charge more than we do simply because they want to make a bigger profit off of each surgery. Others advertise an attractive lowball price (i.e. “as low as $XXX per eye!”), but if you take the bait, you´ll eventually discover you´re not eligible for that price. We don´t think that is the way to build a positive, trusting patient-doctor relationship. At Eye Consultants we are upfront about our prices and our fees for LASIK are among the lowest.

At the same time, levels of service and quality of care vary greatly. So it is important for you to be fully informed and to seek out the safest and most reputable surgeon and staff who can provide you the highest standard of care and the best opportunity to achieve a superior visual outcome. Our doctors and staff are among the most experienced in the country, utilizing only FDA-approved, technologically advanced, state-of-the-art equipment offered in a kind and caring atmosphere. We are proud of our excellent results and appreciate the confidence so many patients have placed in us. The biggest compliment we can receive is when our patients refer their own family and friends into our care.


We´re pleased to offer our patients CareCredit, North America´s leader in patient payment plans. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

Your healthcare credit card.

CareCredit is the credit card exclusively for healthcare services. With no up-front costs and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for the other things you want or need. CareCredit offers low monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including vision services. Plus, you can use your card again and again to pay for additional treatment for yourself or family members in any CareCredit practice.

  • Zero Down Payment & Zero Interest Options
  • Extended Plans up to 60 months with Low Monthly Payments & Fixed Interest Rate
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • No up-front costs or pre-payment penalties
  • More approvals due to various credit line allowances

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