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Eye Consultants and EyeTech Laser Center have a history of staying on the cutting edge of technology. We use only the most up-to-date technology from pre-operative exam to surgery.

During the pre-operative exams the Atlas 9000 topographer is used to map out the high and low points of the cornea, but can also perform corneal Wavefront mapping. Corneal Wavefront mapping aids in detection of any corneal irregularities that could be possible contraindications for LASIK or PRK. The most significant advantage to the Atlas 9000 topographer is that the measurements gleaned are consistent and proven to be clinically repeatable, resulting in better surgical outcomes.

The Wavescan machine, which creates the customized and refined measurements for CustomVue LASIK or PRK, also has advanced software upgrades that improve patient safety during surgery, specifically the Iris Registration program. With Iris Registration, hardware and software are used to take a non-contact picture of the eye while it is being measured. That picture is then transferred to the laser, which uses an automated technology to duplicate the alignment used in the measuring and testing phase so that the treatment is more exact like matching up a fingerprint!


Each iris (the colored part of the eye) is unique, like your fingerprint or DNA, and the laser can only register the iris if it identifies it as being exactly the same as the eye that was measured. The VISX Iris Registration feature allows both patient and doctor to be absolutely positive that the treatment is for a specific eye. This security through identification means that no mix-up can occur. Components in the laser actually move to align the eye exactly in the same way it was measured. Another feature of Iris Registration and CustomVue is the ability to recalculate the center of the treatment area, even if the center of the pupil shifts (a.k.a. moving your eye) while the treatment is ongoing, resulting in further safety and accuracy.

Finally, during the refractive procedure, patients can rest easy knowing that we utilize only the best laser, the VISX Star S4-IR excimer laser, which is globally considered to be among the top laser platforms.


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