Recently, new, more advanced lens implants have become available. The first is a multifocal IOL that is designed to be more like your natural vision. The multifocal lens focuses images that are in the distance, images that are near, and images in between. This means that most patients can see to read a menu (near), work on a computer (intermediate) and see street signs on the corner (far) without having to wear glasses.

The other advanced lens implant is an astigmatism-correcting lens, called a toric lens. The toric IOL is a unique lens that corrects not only your nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), but it also corrects for your corneal astigmatism. This and other specialty lenses can be further discussed with your doctor.

Multifocal Lens
This is a lens with multiple focal points, designed to replace cataracts and correct presbyopia in order to provide a full range of vision near, far and in-between while offering enhanced image quality.


  • Excellent vision at all vision ranges, near through distance
  • Reduced or eliminated need for glasses


  • May experience halos around lights at night
  • May experience difficulty in low lighting situations, like driving at night

Toric IOL a.k.a. Astigmatism-Correcting Monofocal Lens

This is a lens with a single focal point, designed to correct both cataracts and pre-existing astigmatism, providing distance vision while offering enhanced image quality.


  • Excellent distance vision, without glasses, for astigmatism patient


  • Will likely still require glasses for close-up vision

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